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Progressive Guitar Method Book 1 for Beginners with CD by Gary Turner

This beginning guitar book has been useful in my approach to learning. Both notes and chords in guitar instruction. It comes with a CD and begins the CD with a tuning reference. Students love playing with a reference track when they are practicing at home. Iíve also used Book 2.

Philly Live DVD of Phil Keaggy in Concert

Philís amazing looping (Jam-man) style is featured in this fabulous live concert of 2001. Philís Beatle-esque influences are obvious, his riffs are amazing and as a songwriter and singer he is a joy to watch and listen to.

Peter Mayer

These are my favorites (so far) of Peter Mayer, who is also a friend. His singing and playing style incorporate the tenderness and creativity of McCartney, as well as the nuances of Paul Simon, yet it is distinctly his own style of writing. Peter is a master guitarist and his lyrics speak to my soul.

Chip Katz Trio

Chip is a friend who often subs for me in the band. Iíve studied jazz guitar with him and consider him a walking reference of jazz styles. He is also, by the way, a good singer (his next CD perhaps). But you will enjoy his smooth, rounded tone on these delightful arrangements of jazz standards. He may have recorded some of these on the guitar I now playÖ A Paul Reed Smith Guitar, McCarty model.

David Wilcox

These are my favorites, so far, by David Wilcox, master song-writer and guitarist. He uses so many tunings and double capos. Iíve learned by just listening (and watching) his technique. Mostly, Iíve enjoyed his lyrical style and his story-telling songs of joy, love, life, learning, growth, and relationships. There are so many favorites.

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